St. Augustine, St. Johns County Monitoring Hurricane; Beach Driving Prohibited

Oct 9, 2018

St. Augustine residents can report street flooding and clogged storm drains online as they face potential high winds, heavy rain and above-average high tides brought on by Hurricane Michael.

Officials say public works crews are out in the field  monitoring neighborhoods for flooding.

But to make sure they don’t miss anything, a form is now available on the city’s website that the public can use to call attention to issues with standing water. It's at the top of the city's website at

Beach Driving Prohibited

Driving on all St. Johns County beaches is temporarily prohibited because of Hurricane Michael. County officials say abnormally high tides and elevated surf has made it unsafe to drive on the beach.

The ban could remain in place through Thursday. Beach goers can check the St. Johns County Reach-the-Beach app for daily beach driving updates.


The beaches remain open to pedestrians. But officials say swimming and other activities aren’t recommended because of the dangerous conditions.

Wind, Rain And High Surf

St. Johns County Emergency Management is actively monitoring the hurricane, saying the county is expected to experience strong winds, heavy rainfall, high surf, dangerous rip curents, and an increased potential for tornadoes through Thursday afternoon.

Residents are encouraged to secure outdoor furniture and other loose items. Residents can also check, or call the St. Johns County Emergency Operations Center at 904.824.5550.