State Dem Chair Calls AG Moody's Attempt To Block Gun Ban 'Shameful'

Sep 19, 2019
Originally published on September 19, 2019 11:27 am

Attorney General Ashley Moody is asking the Florida Supreme Court to block a proposed assault weapons ban from going in front of voters. Moody claims the proposed constitutional amendment is misleading and deceitful. Now Democrats are pushing back.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo is calling State Attorney General Ashley Moody’s attempts to block the proposed ban “dishonorable.”

“To smear the work of gun safety advocates is shameful. Moody’s repeatedly made her allegiance clear and it’s not to public safety, it’s not to the values of democracy and it’s not to the people of Florida. Moody has proven she isn’t fighting for Florida she’s fighting to keep her A rating with the NRA,” says Rizzo.

The Ban Assault Weapons Now sponsored amendment banning specific firearms has caused a lot of controversy over how many, and what type of gun could be outlawed. Alyssa Ackbar heads the FSU Chapter of March for Our Lives, it’s a youth-led movement for greater gun control that began following last year’s shooting at a south Florida high school.

“The ban assault weapons now constitutional amendment would effectively ban all semi-automatic rifles or shotguns that have a detachable magazine or equipped with a fixed magazine with a capacity of over ten rounds,” explains Ackbar.

A study done by the state’s financial impact estimating conference suggests half of all shotguns and around 70% of rifles would fit the description. The ban is expected to cost the state over $20 million in lost revenue from taxes coupled with the costs to start a gun registry. The NRA and gun-related business owners think the price is too steep, but Hialeah Democratic Representative Cindy Polo thinks banning guns is worth it.

“Ultimately let’s ask one of the parents that’s lost their child. You can tell me millions; you can tell me billions that is not an industry that I am going to shed a tear over, especially if that means saving someone’s lives,” argues Polo.

The Florida legislature last month took a vote on having a special session to discuss gun control. The motion failed for lack of Republican support.

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