Streetlights Turned Back On, Right Of Ways To Be Mowed In Jacksonville

Mar 27, 2013

Streetlights in some areas of Jacksonville were shut off due to budget cuts, now they'll be turned back on.
Credit Beth Meckley

The Jacksonville City Council has approved legislation to restore some city services that were eliminated during last year’s budget process.

The frequency of city right-of-way maintenance will increase and streetlights in industrial areas will be reactivated.

The $1.45 million for the right of ways comes from discovered unspent funds from the previous fiscal year. The $300,000 to turn back on the streetlights comes from a JEA customer fuel credit.

Council members say the services are essential for the city to provide.

The only vote against the bill came from Council member Richard Clark who says he opposes using one-time only dollars to cover ongoing expenses.

When asked by the council if the administration will look for additional funding for right of way maintenance in the upcoming budget, Chief Financial Officer Ronnie Belton said they will look for ways to do so.

Council members say the look of the city’s rights of way with tall grass and weeds has been one of the major complaints from constituents in recent years.