TakeEmDownEverywhere Plans To Rally Saturday In Jacksonville

Mar 21, 2019

TakeEmDownEverywhere is an inclusive coalition of organizers committed to the removal of all symbols of white supremacy from the public landscape.

The organization primarily does its work in the United States, but the group has allies around the world who work toward the removal of what the group sees as white supremacist symbols.

The symbols include Confederate monuments. In some cases they can also include school names, bridge names, street names, and park names.

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There hasn't been a strong political push in Jacksonville to removal Confederate monuments, so the group plans to move forward with a TakeEmDownJax rally, Saturday, at Confederate Park in Springfield.

Wells Todd from TakeEmDownJax appeared Thursday on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross, saying, “Until we here in Jacksonville can move forward to remove statues that we know were put up to celebrate white supremacy, that we know were put up to intimidate and terrorize the African-American community, how can we possibly call ourselves a bold new city of the South?”

The TakeEmDownJax rally is Saturday, March 23, at 3 p.m. at Confederate Park, 956 Hubbard St.

The panel discussion will be the same day, 5 p.m. at the IBEW Hall at 966 N. Liberty Street.

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