Thrasher to Push for Internet Cafe Ban

Mar 14, 2013

    State Senator John Thrasher says he expects a bill to ban Internet cafes in Florida

Senator John Thrasher says Florida's Internet cafes need to be shut down.
Credit Justin Cormack

will sail through to passage.

Thrasher had introduced a bill that would have placed a moratorium on new cafes, but on the heels of the Allied Veterans of the World arrests he says the legislature should take stronger action.

Thrasher’s moratorium bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Gaming Committee on Monday. He expects a move to close all the cafes will be discussed at that meeting.  

Thrasher says he’s saddened that Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll resigned due to her connections to Allied Veterans of the World.

Thrasher says he believes she had no idea illegal activities were taking place and that Carroll will be able to bounce back politically.