Triple-A Baseball In Jacksonville Starts April 6

Feb 19, 2021

Jacksonville’s first Triple-A baseball season since 1968 starts Tuesday, April 6.

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have moved up to Minor League Baseball’s Triple-A East, and are now the Triple-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins. They’ll host the Charlotte Knights on opening day at 121 Financial Ballpark in Jacksonville.

The 142-game season features 72 contests at the ballpark, including 30 home weekend games.

Jacksonville will also only play divisional opponents for the 2021 season, meaning the club’s adversaries will be limited to Charlotte (Chicago White Sox), Durham (Tampa Bay Rays), Gwinnett (Atlanta Braves), Memphis (St. Louis Cardinals), Nashville (Milwaukee Brewers) and Norfolk (Baltimore Orioles). 

For the 2021 season, the Jumbo Shrimp will exclusively play six-game series that run from Tuesday through Sunday, with the exception of one four-game set after the July 12-14 All-Star Break.  Tickets are at

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