Unrest in Haiti, Supercon, Mango Mania And The Monarch Butterfly

Jul 12, 2018

Since last Friday, at least three people have died in Haiti in riots that left parts of the city burned and pillaged. The unrest is due to a massive increase in fuel prices. Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles joined Sundial to talk about how the International Monetary Fund and a Brazil loss during the World Cup intensified the protests.

Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Star Wars and Pokemon: if you’re hanging around Fort Lauderdale the next few days, you're likely to see thousands of costumes. Supercon is in full swing starting today, and will continue throughout the weekend. Costumed characters are only part of the four-day event. There will also be hundreds of comic artists, comic book vendors, authors and celebrities. Supercon creator Mike Broder joined Sundial via Skype to talk about this year’s events, traffic and Supercon's eventual return to the Magic City.

Mangoes: you either love them, or you hate them. Either way, they’re inescapable every summer in South Florida. Dr. Noris Ledesma is a South Florida-based mango expert. She’s written more than 30 academic journals and books on tropical fruits. Dr. Ledesma joined Sundial to share her knowledge and discuss her work in mango genetics.

Monarchs are known for their striking orange, black, and white wing markings. They're also known for their migration. They fly across borders, from Mexico to southern Canada and then back to Mexico, throughout the life cycle. Because of this migration pattern, this butterfly has widely been used within immigration communities as a symbol of migration and freedom. The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami has a traveling exhibit featuring the works of 37 Native American and Latino artists who are exploring and addressing the themes of immigration, assimilation and resilience. It's called "Monarchs: Brown and Native Contemporary Artists in the Path of the Butterfly." Franky Cruz, one of the artists in the exhibition, joined Sundial to talk about how the monarch inspired his work.

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