USS Sioux City Arrives Home For First Time At Naval Station Mayport

Nov 21, 2018

The USS Sioux City arrived Wednesday at its new home base, Naval Station Mayport.  

With the latest arrival, 19 ships are now based at the naval station.

A 75 person crew runs the United State’s sixth Freedom-variant littoral combat ship, which was commissioned at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

“We are the first ship of the line to be commissioned at the naval academy,” said Sioux City Commander James Malone. “It’s absolutely phenomenal to be a part of that and to be called the captain of these magnificent sailors is an honor beyond belief.”

The ship officially entered into Navy service Saturday before sailing to Mayport, but Malone says it likely won’t be fully ready until late next year.

It still has to undergo additional testing on its combat systems and other parts.

“It’s fast a multi-mission capable ship,” said Malone. “It’s fast, it’s agile and it has multiple network capabilities.”

The Navy announced plans for the ship - which is named in honor on Sioux City, Iowa -  back in 2012. It was built in Marinette, Wisconsin. 

The USS Sioux City docked at NS Mayport Friday morning as families of the ship’s crew  gathered to welcome them home.


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