VIDEO: Studio 5 Sessions - Meredith Rae Woodard

Feb 25, 2014

Meredith Rae Woodard
Credit Andrew Wiechman / WJCT

Meredith Rae Woodard grew up singing Joni Mitchell songs with her mother in their dining room in Pittsburgh.

Her love of performance and music led her to musical theater productions—the love of her life, Troy, led her to Jacksonville Beach, which she now calls home. 

Meredith taught herself acoustic guitar and ukulele to create her unique “Beachy Folk” style.

She’s one of the creators you’ll get the chance to know during the city’s upcoming One Spark crowdfunding festival, where she will be competing for funding to record her second studio album.

Meredith Rae Woodard joined Melissa Ross to discuss the festival and perform live in Studio 5.

WATCH: Meredith Rae Woodard performs "Best Thing" and "Lucky I Found You" during her visit to First Coast Connect

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