Visit Florida Needs New CEO

Dec 19, 2018

Executives with Visit Florida must choose a new CEO after Ken Lawson was chosen to head the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Committee members are debating what type of person should have that job.

Wednesday executives with Visit Florida held a conference call to plan how they will fill the soon-to-be vacant President & CEO position.

Committee member Andrew Hertz asked if they would have to appoint whomever Desantis’ Economic Transition team recommends, “I just didn’t want to get stuck behind the 8 ball with a political appointee who has absolutely no knowledge of what the hell we do.”

Visit Florida doesn’t have to go with Desantis’ recommendation but it also doesn’t want to run afoul of the incoming administration. Hertz wants a person who knows marketing. Committee member Carol Dover thinks a political appointee may be what the agency needs to save it. Under current law, it’s set to be dissolved come October 2019.

“I would say remember that we’re going to be traveling, navigating through some political water this session, so a political appointment might not be all bad,” said Dover.

The committee plans to schedule a meeting the second week of January to choose an interim unless they receive recommendations prior.

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