Walmart Adding Robot-Powered Market Fulfillment Centers In Jacksonville

Walmart Inc. is rolling out its market fulfillment centers in Jacksonville.

Walmart said in January a market fulfillment center is a compact, modular warehouse built within, or added to, a store for faster order pickup. 

The city is reviewing civil engineering plans for the centers to be added to Walmart Supercenters at 13490 Beach Blvd. and 6767 103rd St.

The plans say Walmart proposes to build the additions for online order services.

Those services include on-site walk-up pickup, drive-thru pickup and local delivery services, described as direct delivery to customers or another Walmart store for pickup.

Walmart said that instead of an associate walking the store to fulfill an order from the shelves, automated bots retrieve the items from within the fulfillment center.

The items then are brought to a picking workstation, where the order can be assembled with speed.

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