A Week In, Florida Health Insurance Exchange Still Faces Challenges

Oct 9, 2013

Last week marked the implementation of the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's 2010 signature health care reform law, the opening of the national online Health Insurance Marketplace.

Nikole Helvey, left, and Elise Hu.

Florida's online health insurance exchange has been mired in technical issues since it opened last week, leaving some seeking coverage with long waits to sign up. Florida, which ranks second to Texas for uninsured residents, is among 19 states with exchanges facilitated by the federal government. 

Nikole Helvey, director of the Navigator program with The Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida, and National Public Radio technology and culture reporter Elise Hu took listener questions about the exchange today on First Coast Connect.

We're asking local experts, including the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida, your questions about the Affordable Care Act and the exchange. Check out our series to see how to submit a question.

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