What's Next For Michael Dunn And The Family Of Jordan Davis?

Feb 20, 2014

The nation is beginning to get an idea of what went on inside the jury room during deliberations in the Michael Dunn murder trial after one juror went public this week.

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey
Credit News4Jax

Juror # 4–or “Valerie” as she was asked to be identified on ABC News—told Nightline that most of the jurors thought Dunn was guilty of first-degree murder for the killing of Jordan Davis.

At first two, then three of the jurors stuck to their belief that Dunn acted in self-defense, leading to a deadlock from the start.

Dunn was convicted on three counts of second-degree attempted murder, but the murder charge was declared a mistrial.

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey said she will re-prosecute Dunn for the murder charge.

Criminal defense attorney Janet Johnson and Rashad Robinson, executive director of ColorOfChange.org, the nation’s largest online civil rights organization, joined Melissa Ross to discuss the impact of the trial given these new developments.

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