'Women Wednesdays' Helps Women Build Businesses

Jan 30, 2019

One Tallahassee organization is working to help women bring their own companies into the business world.

The group calls itself Women Wednesdays. It provides a space for female entrepreneurs to get advice on running a business. Tarsha Davis is the coordinator for Women Wednesdays. She is also a small business owner who attends the meetings weekly.

“The atmosphere here is such that anybody can get up and feel comfortable never having spoken before,” Davis said. “We’re not a super oiled machine, but Women Wednesday provides a no-stress, no-pressure zone for women to really get what they need to build themselves and build a business. That’s what makes us unique.”

The organization wants women of all ages to feel comfortable in their professional endeavors.

The group meets every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Domi Station.

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