Working Moms Rejoice As "Plan Summer" Launches

Apr 12, 2013

Working parents know the drill. Every spring it's a scramble to find quality, affordable summer camps for their kids. The best camps fill up quickly, cost a lot, and it can be a logistical nightmare to try to schedule your kids in several different camps that fit their interests over the long summer break.

Working moms have a new friend- the website Plan Summer, helping plan your kids' summer camps.

First Coast mom Lynn Layfield faced all the same challenges, so rather than tear her hair out, she created a one-stop shop for parents. Her new site is live now. Not only does it give members a comprehensive list of summer camps, broken down by type of camp and neighborhood, you can also schedule and budget your child's summer camp schedule through the site.

“The process can be both time-consuming and confusing and information can be incomplete," says Layfield, "so I decided to fix that. PlanSummer allows users to find the right camp for each child.”