Yellow House’s Latest Exhibit Aimed At Empowering Youth

Apr 18, 2018

Hope McMath, former director of the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, joined First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross on Wednesday for a look at a much edgier project that she is involved with.

The Yellow House is located at 577 King Street.
Credit The Yellow House / Via Facebook

Yellow House is McMath’s new venture, and it is a center for not just art exhibits, but also a convener for those working on social change. 

“It’s a space that hopefully get a lot of us out of our bubbles. It’s pulling together communities that otherwise haven't necessarily been included in the center of culture within our city,” said McMath.

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Currently, Voices Unearthed is on exhibit at Yellow House. 

McMath said that Voices Unearthed is an arts and activities project that is student centered and student led.  “The exhibit is visual art and poetry, all with big and powerful messages,” said McMatch.

Not only is the art on display by students, but the show is co-curated by students. It's about empowering youth to lead, McMath explained.

Yellow House is located on 577 King St, just north of the CoRK Arts District and is a “Yellow House.” 

Voices Unearthed runs through May 19.

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