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Capital Report: December 22, 2023

Florida’s legislative leaders are laying out their priorities for the upcoming lawmaking session. Both House speaker Paul Renner and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo are both in their final year of leadership and as Lynn Hatter reports, on their agenda: healthcare and kids.

Florida only has until January 1st to formally apply for more than $200 million in federal benefits to provide food for low-income school kids during the summer. The director of No Kid Hungry Florida tells Tom Flanigan about it.

It's a community no one wants to be part of -- families who've lost a child to gun violence. Some parents in the Tampa Bay region are still struggling with grief years after their kids were killed. They say families affected by community violence need more support. As part of Health News Florida's series Growing Up with Guns, Stephanie Colombini reports on one group that's channeling their pain into action.

A proposed bill would ban civilian police oversight boards in Florida. Critics say that's counterproductive, as WLRN’s Danny Rivero reports.

How firefighters across Florida receive benefits for cancer treatment is at the center of a conflict between the city of Tallahassee and the statewide firefighter’s union. Margie Menzel reports.

Among the most dangerous places for anyone to be is on the shoulder of a highway. Traffic whizzes by a few feet away and a split-second of inattention on the part of just one of those motorists can be fatal. Gina Jordan filed this report on the Florida law that is designed to keep those on the shoulder safe.

It’s been about a decade since Florida lawmakers banned internet cafes, but gambling arcades continue to be a problem in Florida. State and local officials say fighting the illegal establishments is a constant battle. And as Adrian Andrews reports some residents are starting to get fed up.