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Capital Report: February 6, 2024

The Florida Supreme Court will review the ballot language Wednesday for a proposed constitutional amendment that explicitly protects access to abortion. Regan McCarthy reports the language specifies Floridians have the right to abortion up until the point of viability. But opponents say the word “viability” isn’t clear.

Legislation loosening Florida’s defamation standards is getting opposition from a prominent conservative group. Tristan Wood has more.

Florida Senators are taking a crack at a bi-partisan move to block kids under the age of 16 from having their own social media accounts. While some have raised concerns the measure could be overreaching, Adrian Andrews reports the bill’s sponsor hopes her proposal can thread the needle.

There’s a coming attraction for Netflix subscribers in Florida. It isn’t a horror story but it is kind of a mystery. Here’s WLRN’s Senior Economics Editor Tom Hudson.