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Capital Report: April 12, 2024

Last year, after the Florida legislature passed several laws restricting rights for transgender people, many members of the community said they no longer felt safe and some even left the state. But as Regan McCarthy reports, in Tallahassee one transgender woman is working to build a system of community and support.

In an effort to “back the blue,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed two new bills into law that he says will help protect law enforcement. Adrian Andrews has the details.

Governor Ron DeSantis has given his okay to a new law creating harsher penalties for retail theft. Tristan Wood reports data shows the governor and politicians across the political spectrum may have oversold the frequency of retail theft.

Shelters for unhoused people are seeing more and more seniors on fixed incomes. As Margie Menzel reports, the reasons include the lack of affordable housing and the rising costs of rent – and of staying in their own homes.

Drug overdose deaths in Florida have dropped slightly. But the state’s fentanyl crisis is still killing thousands of residents a year. Safe and effective opioid addiction treatments are available -- but they're not easy to get. WUSF's Stephanie Colombini explores how expanding Medicaid could help.

A noted Native-American educator, author and thinker believes the natural harmony approach of indigenous peoples can help resolve some of today’s thorniest issues.