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Media roundtable; Florida Folk Festival

Rep. Cord Byrd debates on the House floor.

Today’s Media Roundtable discussed some of the top stories in the First Coast, including:

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis has appointed a local politician to oversee Florida’s elections. Neptune Beach Republican Cord Byrd assumes the role, replacing Laurel Lee. Earlier, the governor also appointed Byrd’s wife, Esther, to the State Board of Education. The appointments are controversial. The Byrds have been linked with hard-right elements of the GOP such as the Proud Boys and QAnon conspiracy theorists. In a recent interview, Byrd would not renounce the lies that Trump won the most recent presidential election.
  • City Councilman Reggie Gaffney has proposed legislation that reimburses city employees who travel out of state for “medical treatments related to reproductive rights.” This legislation is similar to bills proposed nationwide to provide care for people seeking abortion in low- to no-access states.
  • Over the weekend, WBOB kicked off the 2022 election season in Florida with almost 700 voters participating in polling about presidential, congressional, legislative and local contests. 
  • The school year started with debates over mask mandates and dress codes and closed with the nation processing yet another tragic school shooting. Local schools are responding with heightened security measures including banning bookbags in the Duval County Public Schools and adding a larger police presence in St. Johns County Public Schools. Some parents say this isn’t enough and want the schools to have a larger conversation that leads to gun reform.


Florida Folk Festival

Since 1953, the Florida Folk Festival has not only grown in size and scope but it’s also been named “Florida’s Best Cultural Event.” Tom Shed, a country music singer and songwriter living in Gainesville, joined us with a special live-in-studio performance.

Guest: Tom Shed, singer and songwriter.

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