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Withintrification; National Read a Book Day; Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery; Florida-friendly landscaping

Suzanne Pickett
Will Brown
Jacksonville Today
Suzanne Pickett is the president and CEO of the Historic Eastside Community Development Corporation. She grew up Out East and returned to the neighborhood six years ago.

The Historic Eastside is revitalizing itself on its terms. The once-thriving, predominantly Black neighborhood sits on the precipice of a renaissance. The community’s resistance to gentrification has spurred what community advocates are calling “withintrification,” a targeted investment, with enough resident input to keep the tenor of the community on key.

Everything from a new grocery store to renovated homes to even a new soccer stadium is in the works for the Eastside.

Guest: Will Brown, Jacksonville Today.

National Read a Book Day

Former Ponte Vedra Beach artist Annette Dauphin Simon has a new book out this week. The collection is called "Spine Poems: An Eclectic Collection of Found Verse for Book Lovers." Simon appears at the BookMark in Neptune Beach tonight.

Meanwhile, the Chapter Endnotes book club is reading "The Group" by Mary McCarthy this month.


Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery

The Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery is open for tours this month and has a new exhibit.

Art in the Holocaust contains digital images of works in the Yad Vashem Collection and stories of the artists who created them during the Holocaust in ghettos, camps, forests and in hiding.


Florida-friendly landscaping

The University of Florida is helping Northeast Floridians adopt frugal gardening practices. Florida-friendly landscaping can save homeowners money while helping the environment.

Guest: Dr. Taylor Clem, director, UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension in Nassau County.

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