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First Coast Connect

Tropical Storm Nicole; key takeaways from midterms; Affordable Care Act; Believe in the Good campaign; Martin Coffee Co.’s Lab

San Marco Boulevard at La Salle
Dan Scanlan
San Marco Boulevard at La Salle

We discussed the latest on Nicole’s impact on the First Coast with: WJCT News’ David Luckin (from The Beaches) and Dan Scanlan (from San Marco) and FPREN’s Megan Borowski.

Key takeaways from midterms

We took a closer look at the key takeaways from the mid-terms with political scientist Daniel Drache, an expert on populism and the author of "Has Populism Won? The War On Liberal Democracy."

Affordable Care Act

Open enrollment is underway now to get health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. We spoke with Laura Packard about it.

Believe in the Good campaign

Well this region’s nonprofits are touting their success under a new campaign this month. It's called “Believe in the Good.” For more, we welcome Rena Coughlin, CEO of the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, and Deirdre Conner, senior director, Strategic Initiatives and Evaluation.

Martin Coffee Co’s Lab

Martin Coffee Co., the oldest independent specialty coffee roaster in Jacksonville, has a lot to celebrate this year, including its 65th anniversary — and something Ben Johnson, the president of the company, has been brewing up. It’s called The Lab, and he joined us with more.

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