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Fallout from the embryos court ruling in Alabama

The process of artificial insemination of an egg in an in vitro fertilization clinic.
The process of artificial insemination of an egg in an in vitro fertilization clinic.

Today, we look into the fallout of a recent Alabama court ruling that categorized frozen embryos as human beings. In the case of LePage v. Center for Reproductive Medicine, a couple created embryos through in vitro fertilization, and those embryos were later frozen. The embryos were destroyed, however, when a patient gained unauthorized access to the lab, suffered cold burns on their hands and dropped the embryos on the floor.

During the current Florida legislative session, state Sen. Erin Gall introduced a bill (SB 476) that would permit lawsuits over the wrongful death of a fetus, based on "personhood in the womb." The legislation was tabled Monday night.


  • Dr. Samuel Brown, professor at Mayo Clinic and medical director at Brown Fertility. 
  • Courtney Johnson, reproductive rights attorney

Death penalty cases

For almost a decade, death penalty cases in Florida have been reconsidered after the Hurst ruling, a Supreme Court decision that required unanimous jury verdicts.


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