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Home buyer beware

Erosion from Tropical Storm Nicole in 2022 left a home on South Ponte Vedra Boulevard teetering on the edge.
Erosion from Tropical Storm Nicole left a home on South Ponte Vedra Boulevard teetering on the edge of a cliff Friday morning.

From murder to mold, what are Realtors and sellers legally required to disclose to potential buyers when putting a property up for sale? We discuss Florida’s disclosure obligations with a local attorney.


  • Zachary Roth, commercial and real property attorney

Then, a new law banning balloon releases in Florida is a win for protecting ocean wildlife, Florida’s coastlines and communities that depend on a healthy ocean. But not everyone is celebrating.


  • Hunter Miller, Field Campaign Manager with Oceana
  • State Rep. Angie Nixon, D-Jacksonville, one of the few no votes on the measure

Plus, a Fourth of July throwback baseball game returns for its 17th year in Historic Springfield. Eastside and Westside residents don turn-of-the-century uniforms and use period equipment to battle it out on the baseball diamond. We get a preview of the annual event.

  • Michael Haskins, executive director of SPAR
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