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Demystifying medical trends; lung cancer screening guidelines; 'Health Your Self: What’s Really Driving Your Care and How to Take Charge'

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Over the last couple of years, specifically throughout the pandemic, many folks have experimented with wellness trends in hopes of achieving better mental and physical health.

Entrepreneurs and hucksters are looking to capitalize on the upwards trend in wellness spending ($4.2 trillion, globally in 2017). Since then, the market value has continued to increase as wellness expenditures have surpassed half of the health care-related spending to the tune of 5.3% of global economic output.

Coupled with social media advertising as #sponsored content from influencers, health trends go viral faster than ever with less oversight.


Lung cancer screening guidelines

The number of new lung cancer cases, and associated deaths, is decreasing in the U.S., partly because people are quitting smoking.

The latest research from the American Cancer Society shows that the chances that a man will develop lung cancer in his lifetime are about one in 15 and one in 17 for women. These numbers account for both smokers and nonsmokers.

Cancer screenings of all kinds have decreased throughout the pandemic, prompting the U.S. Preventative Services Taskforce to update its screening recommendations for lung cancer.

Guest: Dr. Margaret Johnson, pulmonary medicine specialist and vice dean of education at Mayo Clinic.

'Health Your Self: What’s Really Driving Your Care and How to Take Charge'

Throughout her career, former Time health veteran reporter and NPR segment host Janice M. Horowitz wrote about these issues and other health care discrepancies; however, after seeking treatment for a head injury, she became more keenly aware of the importance of advocating for her needs.

Her new book, "Health Your Self: What’s Really Driving Your Care and how to Take Charge," serves as a guide to encourage others to do the same.

Guest: Janice M. Horowitz, author, "Health Your Self: What’s Really Driving Your Care and How to Take Charge."

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