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South Florida’s Private Prisoner Transport Industry, O, Miami Poetry Festival & The Play 'AMPARO'

On set photos of the immersive theatrical play, AMPARO.
Jody McClean
The Real Havana Club
On set photos of the immersive theatrical play, AMPARO.

The Marshall Project, in collaboration with the New York Times, investigated the private prisoner transport industry. The report focuses on a company formerly based in Florida called US Corrections and how it moves prisoners from one state to another with very little legal oversight. Two brothers operate the company, which has been the subject of criticism and lawsuits following gross negligence that led to injuries and in one case death. Alysia Santo and Eli Hager, lead reporters in the investigation, joined Sundial to talk about their findings. 

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April marks National Poetry Month, which in Miami also means the O, Miami Poetry Festival is back. Once again, WLRN is partnering with O, Miami for the project “ZipOdes,” an ode to your zip code. Poet P. Scott Cunningham, founder and executive director of the festival,  joined Sundial to discuss the ZipOde project and poetry in South Florida.

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AMPARO is an experiential theater journey that unveils the story of the Havana Club Rum. It takes theatergoers to 1950s Havana, Cuba at the start of the Cuban Revolution. Cuban-American director Victoria Collado and Cuban-American playwright Vanessa Garcia are the masterminds behind the project. AMPARO is kicking off this Thursday, April 4 in a residence in downtown Miami. Garcia and Collado both joined Sundial to explain the choose-your-own journey part of the play for audiences.

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