Monday on “First Coast Connect,” we have an update on the possible development on Cumberland Island with former St. Mary’s (Georgia) City Councilman Sam Colville and Jamie Ferguson (01:01), a member of the extended Carnegie family, who owns the island. We spoke with Zachary Schwartz (31:38), the developer of the app intoGo. University of North Florida program director Wanda Lastrapes (39:14) told us about the Jacksonville Teacher Residency program and Cole Pepper (45:13) talked about a great week for Jacksonville sports teams.   


Our weekly Media Roundtable featured David Bauerlein, reporter for the Florida Times-Union; Claire Goforth, editor of Folio Weekly; Jacksonville Business Journal editor Timothy Gibbons and WJCT reporter Ryan Benk. We spoke with Peggy Bulger, the author of “Stetson Kennedy, Applied Folklore and Cultural Advocacy.” Host Melissa Ross spoke by phone with Branden Miller, creator of YouTube sensation “Joanne the Scammer” and we spoke with City Year AmeriCorps recruitment manager Mia Francis and participant Lindsey Rose. 

Rhema Thompson / WJCT

Jacksonville is one of three Florida cities receiving new federal AmeriCorps grants for teacher training.

AmeriCorps announced Wednesday eight Florida education programs will get funding from $5.7 million in competitive grants.

Wendy Spencer is CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, the agency that administers AmeriCorps Money. She says two of the eight programs are in Jacksonville.

“With your leaders in Jacksonville I’m real impressed with the AmeriCorps programs in Jacksonville,” Spencer said.

Mayor Alvin Brown / Facebook

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown joined dozens of local volunteers on Tuesday for the second annual Mayors Day for Recognition of National Service.

Florida Times-Union

A national organization that has a presence in dozens of American cities has picked Jacksonville as its latest site.

City Year partners with challenged schools and young people, uniting them in the cause of providing hands-on help to struggling students. 

And that help is needed, because there is a dropout crisis in this city - statistics show one in three students in Duval County don’t make it to graduation.