animal abuse

shark swimming
Malkusch Markus via Flickr

As state investigators seek more evidence from the public about a growing number of videos that showcase abuse of sharks, legislation may be filed that seeks to better define state wildlife laws.

Cecil the lion's slaughter at the hands of trophy hunters in Zimbabwe has lit up the Internet and social media with protest and outrage in recent days.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, will be in Jacksonville on Monday protesting against SeaWorld.

The protest will take the form of an interactive exhibit on a downtown street corner.

Amy Garrett

The Springfield community is rallying around a couple whose cat was found tortured to death.

Alexander Vasenin / Wikimedia Commons

I get it. I truly understand and empathize with the uproar and outrage concerning the two teenaged girls who tortured and stomped to death a gopher tortoise on July 16 in Clay County.

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