Diamondback terrapin turtle resting on the sand
George Heinrich

A University of North Florida professor is leading an effort to petition state wildlife regulators to protect diamondback terrapin turtles along Florida’s coastlines.

Andrew Dunn / Wikimedia Commons

A $50,000 gift to Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services means better treatments for the dogs and cats at the city’s animal shelter.

Petteri Sulonen / Wikimedia Commons

People in Clay County whose dog or cat gets sick after the vet’s office has closed for the day can now take their pet to an after-hours clinic run by the nonprofit Clay Humane Society.

Clay County Sheriff's Office

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is looking to find a home for a wayward pony named Tom Boy.

The dappled, brown Welsh pony was spotted running free, and no owner could be located, sheriff's office spokeswoman Mary Justino says.

Tom Boy will be put up for auction on Thursday, Aug. 11, at 10 a.m. at the animal control building at 3984 W. State Road 16 in Green Cove Springs.

The pony is of unknown age and is in good health, in addition to being "cute as a button," Justino says.  

Kim Stordahl grew up all over the United States, thanks to her father’s management career.

Following in her father's footsteps, Stordahl went into management, moving with her husband to Jacksonville. That’s when she decided she wanted to do something different.

Ryan Benk / WJCT News

A First Coast conservationist celebrated the birth of one of the most endangered mammals in the world.

A baby pangolin took its first breaths in St. Augustine last week, thousands of miles away from its natural habitat.

Photo of a dog behind a chain-link fence at the Paws and More No Kill Animal Shelter in Washington, Iowa.
Nhandler / Wikimedia Commons

Florida animal shelters could have to wait longer before destroying stray and abandoned pets. Legislation being pushed by a South Florida lawmaker would also let voters approve special animal care taxing districts.

Rep. Barbara Watson (D-Miami Springs) says she isn't a pet owner, but she she's heartbroken by statistics that show nearly 700 animals are euthanized every day in Florida.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Whales are on their way to Northeast Florida.

Keith Ramos / Flickr

Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission officials are encouraging people to be especially mindful of manatees this month.

The New York Times has this profile of some of the wildlife biologists in South Florida who are attempting to stop the spread of invasive Argentine black and white tegu lizards.

Marriage equality, EverBank Field and property taxes are in the headlines today.

Congressional districts, Michael Dunn and English bulldogs are in the headlines today.

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From jazz to improv, there's a lot happening on the First Coast this weekend.

Marriage equality, Quality Education for All and Dade Correctional Institution are in the headlines today.

Mia Jones, bike sharing and gopher tortoises are in the headlines today.

20th Century Fox

What are the Planet of the Apes films really about? It’s a question on the mind of First Coast Connect contributor Nick Michaud as the latest installment in the series is about to hit theaters.

In 1968, the Planet of the Apes shocked audiences. An astronaut (Charlton Heston), stranded on a strange world, finds himself imprisoned by talking apes. Our hero fights valiantly to free himself and the other human slaves.

Eddie Wayne Davis, Lenny Curry and Mike Crews are in the headlines today.

And our runner-up is, our winner! ONLY IN FLORIDA!

Manatees Might Lose Endangered Status

Jul 3, 2014

Manatees have been an endangered species since 1967. But on Tuesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made an announcement that this classification may soon be lowered to "threatened."

But some environmentalists and government officials are opposed to this change. They say changing the label might result in more lenient rules about boat speed zones and dock-building limits. 

OpenCage Systems

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission gave final approval Wednesday to a ban on imports of lionfish to Florida. 

Samantha Warner / YouTube

Do you, Samantha, take this alligator? We're in love with this week's ONLY IN FLORIDA.

It's the only state where the judges are more violent than wild animals. Welcome to this week's edition of ONLY IN FLORIDA.

Duval Schools, Florida State University, and sharks are in the headlines today.

A researcher in Sarasota is helping federal officials figure out whether dolphins were affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, All Aboard Florida, and Action News Jacksonville are in the headlines today.

A DNA test shows that a five-foot-long West African crocodile captured alive by authorities on the edge of the Everglades National Park in March did not come from a nearby breeder.

Foreclosures, Angela Corey, and redistricting are in the headlines today.

This week we're breaking the law with seniors, freeing endangered birds from the bondage of fake hair, and bidding in a piece of Disney history, and it's all ONLY IN FLORIDA.

Gun violence, John Keene, and goblin sharks are in the headlines today.

Aruna / Wikimedia Commons

Chicago resident and One Spark creator Ed Hubbard is applying a new idea to an organism that’s been around for thousands of years: Earthworms.