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Florida State College at Jacksonville announced the release of its smartphone app Monday called FSCJ Safe. The app is intended to keep students, faculty and staff informed of any security threats that may arise.

The Internet is abuzz about the latest Easter egg found in Apple's Siri, as the virtual assistant gives a philosophical — and, to some, a personal — response to the question "What is zero divided by zero?"

Siri's on-screen answer is straightforward. But her more elaborate verbal reply easily surpasses the simple "Does not compute" with which robots in old sci-fi movies used to announce a bout of cognitive dissonance. For one thing, her answer invokes Cookie Monster.

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Nancy asked, "I’m fairly new to Apple computers, and one of the reasons I made the switch from PC was to avoid viruses, hackers and other bad stuff. Should I install an antivirus program on my Apple laptop?"


The next versions of Apple’s iOS and OS X were unveiled Monday at the company's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Clare asked, "I've started getting into editing videos. I’ve heard Macs are the best computers for this, but I need to have a PC for my job. We have some programs for our company that only work on Windows. Do you have any suggestions?"


There is a brand new state of the art entertainment system for your car with your iPhone at it's core.

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Phil asks, "How do I switch my iTunes account from an old computer, which is broken, to my new computer? I’ve downloaded iTunes onto the new computer, but, of course, it doesn’t recognize my account. The real problem is my iPod. I have all my music on it, but now I am not able to add to it to iTunes."


Grant asks, "My son wants some games for our family’s new laptop. Can you recommend a way we can download games without being exposed to viruses?"

Well, Grant, you’re in luck because there are a few great one-stop game shops out there, including the Windows Store, the Mac App Store, and GameFly Digital. The one we recommend, though, is called Steam.

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Michael asks, "The rear-facing camera on my iPhone is foggy, but the front-facing camera is perfectly clear. What can I do to fix it?"

It's fairly safe to rule out any software problem with your phone, especially since you said the front-facing camera is working properly. So, it has to be one of three causes: you either have a bad scratch or scratches on the lens of your camera or you have moisture inside your iPhone, or there is the possibility that your lens is just dirty.

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Michael asks, "My son recently gave his mother an iPad as a birthday gift. He bought it earlier this year, but he decided he wanted an iPad mini instead. What's the best way to delete all of his data and accounts on the iPad, and get him moved over to the iPad Mini without losing all of his emails, contacts, music and apps?"

Sales of its new iPhone 5s and 5c models have surpassed other iPhone releases and exceeded initial supply, Apple says. The company says it has sold 9 million of the phones since their launch on Friday and that "many online orders" will ship in coming weeks.

"This is our best iPhone launch yet — more than nine million new iPhones sold — a new record for first weekend sales," Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a Monday press release. He added that "while we've sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly."