Behind every great author stands a great editor.

And few editors were as great as Maxwell Perkins, who worked with the iconic F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe to create classic American novels.

Stacey Goldring, WJCT contributor, spoke about Perkins’ literacy legacy on Tuesday’s First Coast Connect Book Club.

Farryn James

Jacksonville’s Riverside Arts Market is looking for writers to participate in this month’s Local Authors Expo.

RAM features writers from Northeast Florida in its fourth annual expo.

Two Jacksonville authors are among the winners of the annual Florida Book Awards.

In the General Fiction category, the silver medal goes to Jacksonville’s Gracie L. Chandler for her book: “Free to Be.”

The historical novel is the story of South Carolina slaves who work for the federal government during the Civil War.  “Free to Be” is Chandler’s first published novel.

Warren Miller

Pete Ancone loves cars, writing stories, and running track. The death of his father pushed him into journalism to support his family, but years later, he wrote his first novel … about running.

Larry Baker

The author of a new novel set in the First Coast is speaking at the Jacksonville Public Library on Wednesday.

Larry Baker will be discussing his latest book, “The Education of Nancy Adams.” Adams is a teacher in a Jacksonville high school.

The Jacksonville Public Library’s Olga Bayer says Baker used to live in the area.

“He has several books which he has set in Northeast Florida. In this one, I think he talks about the St. Johns River quite a bit,” Bayer said.

Michael Cavendish

Puss ‘N Boots, Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? and Santa Claus Mystery.

These are just a few of the books challenged in Duval County Public Schools over the years due their questionable content.

John Abromowski / Workman Publishing

Award-winning journalist, former field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Jacksonville resident, Charlie Cobb was at the center of the "Freedom Summer" of 1964.

Steven Raichlen/Primal Grill

Over the past few decades more and more men have gotten into the kitchen, including culinary writer and public television host Steven Raichlen.

Brenda Jackson / Twitter

A New York Times bestselling author with more than 100 romance novels to her credit, Brenda Jackson is a lifelong resident of the First Coast, and a trailblazer.

Penguin Books

First Coast Connect Book Club blogger Stacey Goldring brought us her review of a "light" summer read (if you consider Proust light), and is asking listeners to share their wisdom for a her own book project.

Kelly Campbell / Courtesy of Steve Berry

Retired secret agent Cotton Malone will come face-to-face with the mysterious forces of secret war fought over a flaw in the United States Constitution that has been waged since before the Civil War began.

@jakemarcionette / Twitter

He's not even out of middle school yet, but Ponte Vedra student Jake Marcionette is already a New York Times bestselling author.

Mark Coggins / Wikimedia Commons

The author of bestselling novels Last Man Standing, Saving Faith, Total Control, and Absolute Power will be in town next week to discuss his work.

Jax Conference Shows The Healing Power of Music Therapy

Nov 22, 2013
midiman / Flickr

The American Music Therapy Association's four-day annual conference is underway at downtown Jacksonville's Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel, with hundreds of music therapists from around Florida in attendance.

The theme this year is Voices of the Sea: Music Therapy @ Florida, highlighting Florida's vibrant and expanding music therapy scene.

Author, musician and AMTA spokeswoman Robin Spielberg performed for more than 1,300 music therapists at Thursday's event as the keynote performer.

Lots of listeners read all kinds of messages into The Beatles' White Album, but nothing compares to the album's impact on Charles Manson. He heard it as a message to him and his followers — known as "The Family" — that the world was on the verge of an apocalyptic race war in which blacks would rise up against their white oppressors and enslave them.

This battle would be set off by an event called Helter Skelter, after the eponymous Beatles song, and Manson planned to lead his followers into the desert, where they would hide until the chaos ended.