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The Duval County School Board has become the latest in a growing list of school and district officials pushing back against the state’s controversial testing plans this year.

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The polls open up for Primary Elections Tuesday, and this cycle has brought a wealth of school board candidates. It's also brought a wealth of contributions.

While school board campaigns don't typically rake in the big bucks of other local and state races, the bid for a Duval County School Board seat has yielded a few heavily-backed contenders, and with that, questions about who is financing campaigns.

Duval County Public Schools

A new privately-funded position aims to tackle the mounting issue of mental health in Duval Schools.

Duval County Public Schools

Duval County Public Schools will have about $20 million more to spend this school year, and a few million will go toward a state-mandated extra hour of reading at more than 40 Duval schools.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti presented a draft 2014-15 year budget and several recommendations to school board members at a workshop Tuesday.

The district used $15.8 million less from its general funds than expected last year and gained another $4.8 million in one-time adjustments from the state,  according to Vitti. 

Valor Academy of Leadership

Three troubled charter schools in Duval County will get some more time to turn around, while two new academies will get a shot at bringing gender-based education to the district.