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Stacy Goldring introduced the First Coast Connect Book Club’s book of the month Tuesday, “A Man Called Ove.

This bestseller is about a crotchety, short-fused and suicidal old man named Ove, who just lost his wife.

Ove lives in a neighborhood that Goldring refers to as an “isle of misfits.” These “misfits” show Ove the value and importance of life and guide him away from suicide.

“The theme is you’ve got to feel useful and relevant,” Goldring said. “If you can feel relevant then you have a purpose in life.”

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Book lovers can grab a grocery bag and head to the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library’s book sale this weekend.

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Originally published October 2015

A new nonfiction book is inviting readers to take a journey through historic Jacksonville neighborhoods.

“The Mad Atlas of Virginia King” is part biography, part city guide, and part comic book. On Wednesday morning, the book’s author, Tim Gilmore, led WJCT’s Jessica Palombo on a tour through Riverside using his illustrated “Atlas.”

Marriage equality, banned books, bike sharing and Imperfect were among our top stories this week.

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Puss ‘N Boots, Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? and Santa Claus Mystery.

These are just a few of the books challenged in Duval County Public Schools over the years due their questionable content.

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Award-winning journalist, former field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Jacksonville resident, Charlie Cobb was at the center of the "Freedom Summer" of 1964.

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Over the past few decades more and more men have gotten into the kitchen, including culinary writer and public television host Steven Raichlen.

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A New York Times bestselling author with more than 100 romance novels to her credit, Brenda Jackson is a lifelong resident of the First Coast, and a trailblazer.

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First Coast Connect Book Club blogger Stacey Goldring brought us her review of a "light" summer read (if you consider Proust light), and is asking listeners to share their wisdom for a her own book project.

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Retired secret agent Cotton Malone will come face-to-face with the mysterious forces of secret war fought over a flaw in the United States Constitution that has been waged since before the Civil War began.

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When you think of The Players Championship Tournament, the first words that come to mind might be green, birdie or bunker, not the design of the course as it relates to tourism, the media, and the cultural identity of the First Coast.

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Now that the 2014 One Spark festival has concluded, what comes next for downtown Jacksonville?

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We are a society obsessed with education, but are we an educated society?

Once a month, the First Coast Connect Book Club features great reading suggestions from book blogger Stacey Goldring.

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It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s a monster, and it’s under your bed. Well, that’s what most children believe.