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Thursday on First Coast Connect, we spoke with Dr. Madeline Joseph, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at UF College of Medicine Jacksonville, who is looking at bullying as a public health issue (01:15).   

This month’s edition of First Coast Success featured Jacksonville University President Tim Cost (26:54).  

Our latest Art Attack roundtable featured (32:26):

  • Lee Hamby of the 5 and Dime Theatre
  • Shawana Brooks with the Jacksonville Public Library
  • Robert Arleigh White, Vice President for Development at Jacksonville’s Museum of Science and History
  • Suzanne Hudson Smith, Development Director at the Florida Theatre
  • Ryan Ali, Director of Development for Baptist M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

We heard about Saturday morning’s MOOVE-IT 5K beginning at the Cowford Chophouse with race organizer Nicole White and Jamie Rosseland and Michelle Lasky from the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center. Kerry Speckman told us about some of the events coming up in March around Jacksonville (46:00).   

Chasing the Dream

The deplorable conditions at the local low-income housing project Eureka Gardens captured national headlines when it came to light residents were living with dangerous mold, leaky gas pipes, and dilapidated stairs.

Bullying Prevention

To combat bullying in the Duval County Public Schools, all educators, faculty and frontline workers have undergone comprehensive training to ensure they could identify signs of bullying and know how to stop it.

Brian Giles, K-12 regional vice president of Chartwells, and Michael Mcauley executive director of Student Discipline Support for the Duval County School Board, join us to discuss efforts to prevent bullying in local schools.

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WWE wrestlers took a break from pummeling each other Tuesday to take an anti-bullying message to Jacksonville middle schoolers.

The wrestling stars’ pit-stop at Mayport Middle School  was part of a day-long visit in support of the troops, ending with a show at Veteran’s Arena.

A Russian warplane was allegedly shot down near Turkey's border with Syria Tuesday morning. Syria has been embroiled for four and a half years in a brutal civil war that has killed hundreds thousands of people, and sent millions of others fleeing.

The incident at the border with Turkey comes as the nation continues its heated debate about the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

This week, Florida Coastal School of Law will host a panel discussion on the crisis and the legal issues around refugee resettlement. We speak with Ericka Curran, immigration attorney and Clinic Director with the school, and Florida Coastal law student Elizabeth Lazar. Her family, Assryian Christians from Iraq, fled persecution there decades ago. 

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The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is hosting a discussion Tuesday evening to talk about student mental health and well-being.

The ONE by ONE Community Forum will start with an expert panel discussion of new strategies for working with at-risk students and preventing problems like bullying and suicide.

Then, moderator Pam Paul says, the floor will be opened up for discussion.

As the U.S. works to normalize relations with Cuba, we speak with John Caulfield, retired American diplomat and former Chief of Mission with the US Interests Section in Havana, about what we could expect in the coming months in years for the island nation. As Havana’s senior U.S. diplomat, Caulfield achieved agreements on immigration, environmental protection, civil aviation and cultural exchange; championed the aspirations of ordinary Cubans to increase their political rights and economic opportunities in a difficult environment.  

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A New Jersey has become the latest flash point in the way schools and communities deal with bullying.

Drones, marriage equality and Florida Blue are in the headlines today.

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Since 2009, more kids in Duval County’s middle and high schools say they’ve been the victims of bullying, and more local children say they have considered or attempted suicide.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., obesity, and "Florida Standards" are in the headlines today.

Florida officials have dropped the charges against two girls who had been accused of bullying Rebecca Sedwick, a 12-year-old who jumped to her death after being taunted and bullied online. Police say the girls will receive counseling.

The legal case began in September, when Sedwick, a seventh-grader in Lakeland, killed herself. Police said that two of her schoolmates, one 14 years old and one who recently turned 13, were the "primary harassers" in a group of girls that bullied Sedwick for months before her death. They were arrested last month and placed under house arrest.

Alvin Brown, Rayne Perrywinkle, and Rick Scott are in the headlines today.

Rabbi Jesse Olitzky of the Jacksonville Jewish Center shared his thoughts on bullying in the wake of the ongoing case of Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito's alleged hazing of former player Jonathan Martin.

TALLAHASSEE (The News Service of Florida) — Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, who last week arrested two middle-school girls for their alleged roles in the suicide of a third girl, says there's a message for bullies and their parents.

"When are we going to stand up, as a society, and say, 'Bullying is unacceptable and there are consequences?' " he said.