Castillo De San Marcos

Davide Tanasi taking 3D digital images at Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine.
Brendan Rivers / WJCT News

In coastal cities like St. Augustine, historic sites are facing modern threats - climate change and sea level rise. Now historians and preservationists are turning to technologies like 3D imaging as they look to protect those cultural resources for future generations.

Training Exercise Sparks Evacuation Of Castillo De San Marcos

Nov 25, 2015
Tarra Anderson

The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine was evacuated midday Wednesday after reports of people acting suspiciously with a backpack.

The fort, the most popular attraction in St. Augustine, reopened after about 30 minutes, according to St. Augustine police.

Someone told police that a man and two women with a backpack at the fort didn’t have the backpack with them when they left.

Police found the three and learned they were part of a group of five  an instructor from Flash Point International, a security business in DeLand, and four students.