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Five of the city’s council members OK’d the latest draft of Jacksonville’s redrawn voting districts on Wednesday, and at least six more council members will take up the map Thursday afternoon. The new maps are set to take effect by next April

Jacksonville Area Added 260K People as Area Grew More Diverse, U.S. Census Says

Aug 13, 2021
Aerial view of downtown Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville area gained about 260,000 people over the past decade, pushing the population to 1.6 million as people of increasingly varied colors and backgrounds made homes in Northeast Florida, census data released Thursday showed.


Florida has gained one congressional seat, based on the first set of results from the 2020 census released Monday.

Florida Expected To Add 303K People A Year

Nov 19, 2020
Downtown Jacksonville

Florida is expected to see its population increase by an average of more than 303,000 residents a year and is forecast to be home to 23.1 million people by April 2025, a new report by state analysts shows.

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Florida has been identified as a high-risk state when it comes to getting its fair share of federal money in the coming years.

Florida Likely To Gain 2 Congressional Seats In 2020 Census

Jan 3, 2020
U.S Census envelope

With three months until “Census Day,” Florida is very likely to pick up two new congressional members and has an outside chance of gaining a third.

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The latest U.S. Census Bureau data shows Jacksonville is maintaining its rank as Florida’s most populous city and the country’s 12th largest city.

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Duval County’s immigrant population has grown significantly since 2010, according to new U.S. Census numbers.

More than 20,000 people resettled in Jacksonville over that period — most of them from outside the U.S.

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Florida has surpassed the 20 million population mark while growing faster than California.

The Sunshine State, adding more than 1,000 people a day, is nearly up a half-million people on New York, which it surpassed a year ago to become the third most-populous state, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates released Tuesday.

Florida, with an estimated 20,271,272 residents as of July 1, is also growing faster than a year earlier, when 803 people a day were being added to the state's head count.

Tim Tebow, New York, and medical marijuana are in the headlines today.

As Florida's population grows at more than 2 percent annually and New York loses residents in upstate areas the Sunshine State is set to surpass the Empire State in population either this year or next.

A new map clearly demarcates the racial divide in the United States through colorful dots, showing the demographics of South Florida and highlighting the striking partitions of how we live.

For example, most people know that Miami Beach is primarily a mix of white and Hispanic and that North Miami is mostly white east of Biscayne Boulevard and predominantly black on the west side. But there is more that can be read into the map.