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Artist Tom Moore, who gave life to the teen angst of Archie and his Riverdale pals from 1953 to the late 1980s, has died of lung cancer in El Paso, Texas.

Marriage equality, banned books, bike sharing and Imperfect were among our top stories this week.

Al Letson / Kickstarter

Acclaimed storyteller, performer and creator of the national award-winning Jacksonville-based public radio program State of the Re:Union, Al Letson is a man of many talents.

DC Comics

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's Super-mentsh!?

Marvel Comics recently said that it is reimagining Ms. Marvel, one of its superheroines, as an American teenager named Kamala Khan. But the news has gotten so much attention because Khan is Muslim.

Some quick background: The old Ms. Marvel was a blond military pilot who could fly, shrug off bullets, and shoot energy blasts from her hands. (Because aliens or something.) But Khan is a teenager from New Jersey who will be able to grow and shrink different parts of her body, and eventually she'll be able to shape-shift.

Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle, a documentary in three hour-long segments that will premiere back to back (to back) tonight on many PBS stations, begins with a curious image: Vincent Zurzolo of Metropolis Comics explains that a recent copy of Action Comics #1, which contained the first appearance of Superman, recently sold for over $2 million. He shows us Action Comics #1, and then ... he locks it in a safe.

SLIDESHOW: Jacksonville Graphic Novelists Tell Budding Artists 'Just Do It'

Aug 7, 2013
Frank Goodin

Local interest in graphic novels is booming. Three Jacksonville-based graphic novelists recently appeared on First Coast Connect to talk about it.

Emmy Award winning filmmaker Frank Goodin is new to the graphic novel scene. His first graphic novel, "Life or Death," isĀ  about a family living in poverty in Jacksonville. Goodin said the book was a cheaper way to tell the story than to attempt the fundraising necessary for a feature film.