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Duval County students will be able to buy used laptops from the school district starting next year.

The school board approved the plan Monday night.

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More than 200 web developers and technology professionals will be in St. Augustine to hear from local and national tech experts during the Ancient City Ruby Conference, which runs April 6-8 at the Casa Monica Hotel.

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Felicia writes, "I read a news article that said hackers could infect my computer through Flash. How do I know if I have Flash? And how can I get rid of it?"

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Neila asks, "How do defrag a computer running Windows 8.1? I can't figure out how to do it on my new laptop."

For those of us who have been using personal computers for the past 20 or so years, defragmenting your hard drive used to just be part of life. When you defrag a hard drive, you're basically re-organizing the data on it so that it will run faster and more efficiently. 

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Matthew writes, "I have a fantastic sound system that I love, but it's from the '90s and isn’t wireless. I've been looking at the wireless sound systems, but they are really expensive and all sound terrible. Is there any way to make my current system wireless?"

Sarah asks, "I have a scanner and a Windows computer. Can I fax documents through my computer without a telephone land line?"

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Brady asks, "What's the best way to protect my electronics from lightning? Should I always unplug them? How can I tell if lightning has ruined my stuff?"

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Osler writes, "I often get a message from my laptop saying that the virtual memory is too low and that the computer will adjust it. Why is this happening almost four to five times a week?"

Eva writes, "Recently I called what I thought was an HP support number with a printer problem. In fact, the number connected me to a scammer! He ran a program to scan my computer and then claimed I had been hacked. I realized something was off when he asked me for $350 to fix it, so I hung up. I am worried that my computer is now at risk. Help!"

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Nancy asked, "I’m fairly new to Apple computers, and one of the reasons I made the switch from PC was to avoid viruses, hackers and other bad stuff. Should I install an antivirus program on my Apple laptop?"

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An astounding and scary cyber-security breach is rocking the Internet.

An internet security breach of near biblical proportions is causing great concern around the globe.

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Ryan Seashore starts off every CodeNow workshop with a simple request — write out step-by-step instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Born in La Paz, Bolivia, and educated in Kentucky, Ciro Camacho built a computer business with his wife, Rita.

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Hector writes, “Whenever I unplug my USB thumb drive, a warning pops up telling me that I didn't eject the drive, and it could cause damage if I don't eject it. I usually ignore this message and it hasn't caused me any issues yet. Is this really a problem?”