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The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously Friday to urge the Duval County Public Schools Board to rename six public schools named for Confederate generals. 

Stetson Kennedy's Widow Calls For Lee H.S. Name Change

Mar 29, 2021
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A protest in support of changing the names of nine Duval County Public Schools is planned for Tuesday afternoon at 5 at the district’s administrative building on Prudential Drive on the Southbank.   

State Rep. Mike Grieco, D-Miami Beach, wants lawmakers to eliminate legal holidays honoring the birthdays of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and Confederate President Jefferson Davis, along with a Confederate Memorial Day.

Grieco on Thursday filed a bill (HB 6007) to remove the Lee, Davis and Confederate Memorial days from a list of legal holidays on the books in Florida.

A similar effort in 2018 was approved by one Senate committee but did not pass the Legislature. It drew objections from people who argued the proposal would erase Southern history.

St. Augustine Confederate Memorial Set On Fire, Vandalized

Sep 25, 2020
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A Confederate memorial that was recently moved from downtown St. Augustine to the Trout Creek Fish Camp has been the target of vandalism.

What to do with this statue of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith remains in limbo.
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Florida will hold off for now on deciding the future home of a statue of a Confederate general that has represented the state at the U.S. Capitol for nearly a century.

William Loring monument, etched in it is a confederate flag, in a park, with two people sitting in a bench behind it.
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More than 100 Confederate monuments and symbols have been removed across the country this year and Florida is taking them down faster than 46 other states.

The Confederate War Memorial in the Plaza de la Constitucion.
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St. Augustine’s contractor has started the process of relocating the Confederate monument in the Plaza de la Constitucion.

The Confederate War Memorial in the Plaza de la Constitucion.
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In a 3-to-2 vote Monday night, the St. Augustine City Commission approved a plan to move the Confederate monument in the Plaza de la Constitucion to the Trout Creek Fish Camp.

The Confederate War Memorial in the Plaza de la Constitucion.
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St. Augustine City Manager John Regan is recommending that the Confederate memorial in the Plaza de la Constitucion be relocated to the Trout Creek Fish Camp.

The Confederate War Memorial in the Plaza de la Constitucion.
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The fate of the Confederate monument in Downtown St. Augustine’s Plaza de la Constitucion will likely be decided at this Monday’s city commission meeting.


Amid renewed calls for the renaming of schools dedicated to Confederate civil war figures, the Duval County Public School Board voted Tuesday night to explore changing the names of six schools.


TakeEmDownEverywhere is an inclusive coalition of organizers committed to the removal of all symbols of white supremacy from the public landscape.

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The battle to determine the future of Confederate monuments in Florida rages on. The fight for change has moved from protests and rallies to include a new platform: Florida state legislation.

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Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche wants to establish a task force on local Civil Rights history and she’s seeking a vote at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Proposal To Create Slavery Memorial Gets Boost In Florida Senate

Dec 5, 2017
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A bill that would lead to the creation of a slavery memorial at the Florida Capitol began moving Tuesday in the state Senate.  

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A new University of North Florida poll released Thursday morning shows the majority of registered voters oppose removing Confederate statues in Jacksonville.


Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche said she wants to make sure she has complete information before possibly introducing a bill to move Confederate monuments and markers from public spaces to museums.

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Congressman John Rutherford, R-FL4, said Thursday that cities grappling with whether to remove Confederate monuments should put the question to the ballot. He spoke to WJCT at an unrelated event in St. Augustine.

VIDEO: Exploring NE Florida's Camp Milton Historic Preserve

Apr 3, 2017
Sean Lahav / University of North Florida's Environmental Center

WJCT presents a collaboration between the University of North Florida's Environmental Center and Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida on 19 short videos showcasing the city, state and national parks of the First Coast, produced by Sean Lahav, a project leader in the environmental leadership program.

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The Jacksonville City Council Neighborhoods Committee voted Monday to recommend the full council withdraw a bill to designate Hemming Park’s confederate monument a historical landmark.

Council president Lori Boyer called for the withdrawal, but said she wants to bring back a more thought-out plan for preserving the park’s history.

Should Hemming Park Be Designated A Historical Landmark?

Jun 22, 2016
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The Jacksonville Historical Preservation Commission will hear from the public Wednesday about whether Hemming Park should become designated a historical landmark.

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In Hemming Park on Wednesday, some people were playing chess while others in suits walked to and from City Hall. Meanwhile, 62 feet above them, a bronze Confederate soldier stood atop a fountain. The monument is one of the few pieces of Jacksonville that survived the Great Fire of 1901.

Veterans Shine Light On Early American Military History

Nov 11, 2015
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Veterans Day in Jacksonville means a parade downtown with hundreds of people who have served their country.

A few Jacksonville veterans shined a light back to early days of America's military history.

Before Tuesday's parade participants gathered outside of the Jaguars' stadium. A medium-sized gray boat was sitting on wheels. Thomas Suneson with the St. Johns Merchant Marine veterans chapter says it's a merchant marine life boat.