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City leaders’ staying out of national politics could help Jacksonville flourish.  That’s one of the tips for successful cities coming out of a recent conference in Georgia.

Police Shootings

It’s a provocative new look at the killings of unarmed civilians by police.

Police detective Nick Selby has taken an in-depth look into this hot topic.

Are police being fair? Are they targeting African-Americans? Are they treating minorities differently? In his new book, In Context: Understanding Police Killings of Unarmed Civilians, Selby seeks the answers to these questions.

Nick Selby joins us with a look at the complicated picture of this issue.

Kasper Architecture

Jacksonville’s Bold City Brewery is a step closer to opening its second location in downtown Jacksonville.

On Wednesday, the Downtown Investment Authority’s Retail Enhancement Committee okayed a $28,000 forgivable loan for renovations to a building Bold City is leasing at 109 E. Bay St. The money doesn’t have to be paid back if the business is still there five years later.

Annual Craft & Import Beer Festival On Tap

Apr 20, 2016
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The eighth annual Craft & Import Beer Festival is on tap for May 20 at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

More than 40 breweries will be showcased, offering samples of more than 350 beers. The event will also feature 20-plus area restaurants.

WG Pitts

A new craft brewery is set to open in Jacksonville’s Mandarin neighborhood this summer, and another one in Murray Hill is looking for a storefront.

The latest offerings will bring the number of Jacksonville breweries to 10. But even with so many choices, the town continues to be quite thirsty for local beer.

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For Tim Kerr the first Thursday of the month means he’s setting up for Beer and Hymns at the Silver Cow, a bar in Jacksonville’s Riverside well known for its long list of ever-changing craft brews and moody lighting.

But the bar has also become a hangout for singing gospel hymns.

“Beer and Hymns is kind of an Irish pub tradition where you get together and you do just what it says, you drink beer and you sing old gospel tunes,” Kerr said. “It’s a lot of fun — kind of karaoke.”

This July brought changes to Florida’s craft distilling industry.  New laws loosened regulations to allow more flexibility in person-to-person sales.  But some distillers hope those changes are just the first step.

In a second floor office of a warehouse that used to produce electricity and store ice for St. Augustine’s, Phil McDaniel is rooting through a small cabinet.

“So this is,” he begins, “that’s some whiskey, you can see the color, I mean it’s amazing.” 

The state's record-setting budget goes into effect on Wednesday, along with 130 other new laws that were produced by the Legislature this year in the regular and special sessions and signed by Gov. Rick Scott.

Starting Wednesday, the state will no long collect sales tax on gun club memberships, people with 64-ounce beer containers known as "growlers" can get them filled at breweries, and governments in Florida will have to start looking to buy American-made U.S. flags.

Former Jacksonville mayor John Peyton joins us to discuss his decision to endorse Lenny Curry in the 2015 mayoral race.

The we look at the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Nate Monroe, Florida Times-Union reporter; Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist; and John Burr, WJCT business analyst.

Topics include the 2015 local elections, a standoff between Gov. Rick Scott and the federal government over health care funding, and more.

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For drinkers, good news from Tallahassee: Florida lawmakers have passed a bill granting more freedom to craft distilleries and breweries.

Small-scale beer and spirit producers are seeing more opportunities for growth and exposure.  

The St. Augustine Distillery occupies the bottom floor of a 1920s-era ice plant that once produced huge frozen slabs for shrimp boats and homes. Amid the steampunk-looking copper stills and barrels of aging bourbon, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer Mike Diaz says business has blossomed since its grand opening just over a year ago.

The Florida Legislature may be at odds over Medicaid expansion, but at least it agrees on the long-awaited growler.  The House approved the measure Friday.

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We speak with Ben Davis, owner of Intuition Ale Works, about several legal disputes between craft breweries, large beer distributors and the state of Florida that are currently coming to a head. Points of contention include small brewers not being allowed to sell their product in 64-ounce containers known as "growlers," and challenges to their ability to serve their beer in tasting rooms

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Florida’s craft beer brewers are feeling threatened after a court filing by the Florida Retail Federation. The lobbying association, which represents large-scale beverage makers and distributors, is asking for clarification about which beer brewers are allowed to sell their product on site. 

Retail federation lawyer Samantha Padgett says, “If you get everybody participating in the rule process, you get all the perspectives, all the different viewpoints, aspirationally what will result is a good rule that will be understandable for all licensees and all potential licensees."

Intuition Ale Works

With news that a national craft brewing organization chose Jacksonville for it's next annual convention, we've compiled this list of five little known facts about the region's burgeoning craft beer scene.

Reggie Fullwood, craft beer and the FSU Seminoles are in the headlines today.