David Luckin

A Jacksonville lawmaker wants to overhaul Florida’s sex-education system to shift the focus away from abstinence. Rep. Reggie Fullwood (D-Jacksonville) says giving kids knowledge about STDs can help lower infection rates among young people.

A just-released report from the CDC shows most school districts are not adequately preparing young people to make informed choices about sex.

Fullwood’s proposal would have schools teach about the effectiveness of all types of contraception, not just abstinence. Current state law says kids should be taught waiting until marriage is the accepted standard. The law also says teachers should highlight the benefits of heterosexual marriage.

Fullwood’s bill is sponsored in the Senate by Dwight Bullard (D-Miami).

Rep. Reggie Fullwood joins us to discuss the bill.

A crowded field of Republican candidates will take the stage for another presidential debate Wednesday night. Recent polls show Donald Trump and Ben Carson leading the GOP pack. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton remains the Democratic front runner, but Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is now topping polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. Susan McManus, professor of political science at the University of South Florida, joins us with thoughts about the race and new data about Florida voters when it comes to 2016.

The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville is an arm of city government that awards money to cultural organizations. We discuss public funding for art and the organization's work with Tony Allegretti, Executive Director of the Cultural Council, Christie Holecheck, Director of the Art in Public Places program, and Daniel Austin, Communications Director.

The Downtown Investment Authority, or DIA, will hold the second in a series of public workshops on the future of the Jacksonville Landing Wednesday night. We speak with Aundra Wallace, CEO of the Downtown Investment Authority, about how the public can voice their opinion on new design concepts for the iconic downtown site.

The Florida Legislature is back in Tallahassee this week after ending their regular session three days early. Things fell apart after the House and Senate could not agree on how to get health insurance to the state’s low income residents. The standoff has real consequences for health care in our area, in particular at UF Health Jacksonville. UF Health CEO Russ Armistead joins us with his thoughts about the way forward for health care funding in Florida.