JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - An embattled Southside pediatric dentist has been served with a class action lawsuit, News4Jax learned Thursday.

The complaint, on behalf of four plaintiffs, alleges negligence and that Dr. Howard Schneider is a “pathological sadist,” who inflicts physical and psychological pain for sexual excitement or gratification. The plaintiffs contend Schneider set up the dental practice catering to poor and uneducated clientele so he would have a “constant supply of defenseless indigent children to victimize.”

Dental Abuse-Allegation Protest Begins On Facebook, Turns Violent

Apr 29, 2015

Accusations started pouring onto a Facebook page after it was started to share allegations of abuse from patients of a local dental practice.

Tuesday afternoon as the accusations poured in so did protesters, picketing outside the office of Dr. Howard Schneider.

Renee Frisch, whose daughter was a patient of Schneider, said her daughter has been traumatized and said that it is the result of his work.