Shrinking Middle Class

A new report from the Pew Research Center takes a close look at a growing phenomenon: America’s shrinking middle class.

In most American cities, lower- and higher-income groups are growing while the number of people making middle incomes is shrinking.

Jacksonville is one major city following this trend.

Business Brief: Interest Rate Hike Good For Business

Dec 21, 2015
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The Fed raised interest rates last week after six years of historically low rates.

In this week’s Business Brief, WJCT Business Analyst John Burr tells News Director Jessica Palombo what that means for people on the First Coast. 

Shannon LeDuke / WJCT

We speak with City Councilman and mayoral candidate Bill Bishop about the focus of his campaign in the primary against incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown and leading GOP candidate Lenny Curry.

Ann Chinn and Ann Cobb of the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project join us to discuss the history of Africans in St. Augustine. The group will unveil an historic marker to commemorate the slaves who were brought to the nation’s oldest city this weekend.

Rhema Thompson

A financial literacy lesson like the one in Eric Fields’ Economics class probably would’ve saved most of us in the working world today a lot of unnecessary financial heartbreak.

“How many of you have a job?” he asks the class of 12th-graders, and about 20 raised hands respond.

He follows with another question,

“How many of you have a budget?” he asks, and nearly every hand drops.

But Fields doesn’t judge. He admits in his younger days, he was not so fiscally responsible.


People across the First Coast and NFL fans around the country are still talking this morning about Saturday night's "Mega Event" at EverBank Field.


Moody’s dealt a blow to Jacksonville's economic outlook this week.

A recently released study looking at the amount of money raised by participants at the world’s first crowdfunding festival has been making some waves in the Jacksonville business community.

One Spark

An independent study released this week shows a significant gap in the funds distributed by One Spark during their 2014 festival and the amounts creators said they needed to get their projects off the ground.

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The line began Thursday, and remained into Friday afternoon as thousands of Jacksonville residents came to a parking lot across from Everbank Field to collect free food for Thanksgiving dinner.

Alan Greenspan was celebrated as a master of monetary policy during his long chairmanship of the Federal Reserve, from 1987 to 2006. But policies put in place during Greenspan's tenure have been blamed by some for the financial crisis that began shortly after he left, and the so-called Great Recession.

While a few gamblers bet real money on potential Nobel Prize winners, at Planet Money we're content to merely speculate. We're particularly interested in who might win the economics prize, which will be announced Monday morning.