JEA Downtown Headquarters
Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

JEA customers should expect a significantly cheaper electric bill in May.  

Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News

At Florida Power & Light Company in St. Augustine, the new MVP is a truck. From the outside it looks like a small RV. There’s a big pop-out monitor and a satellite dish. It would be perfect for tailgating at a football game, but FPL uses it to restore power, fast.

Ralph Grant was one of eight people who developed this truck. He calls it the mobile command center.

“It is as state of the art as we have in the utility business,” Grant said.

As far as solar energy goes, the Sunshine State is third in the country for potential -- and 18th in actual installation.

North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition

Electric cars are no longer a thing of the future. More people are driving plug-in cars, even in Jacksonville.

Michael Dunn, Jimmy Ryce, and Kelly Mathis are in the headlines today.

Keuka Energy

Could a First Coast-based energy firm have the answer to global climate change?