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Around 70 "creators" have signed up to compete in next month’s much shorter Jacksonville One Spark Festival.

The projects will compete for eyes, investment and customers for one day in early April.

We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; Larry Hannan, Florida Times-Union reporter; Claire Goforth, Folio Weekly writer; and WJCT analyst John Burr.

Topics include the latest on Jacksonville's human rights ordinance, the start of the state legislative session, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Florida's death penalty.

One Spark


The One Spark crowdfunding festival has had a management shakeup. Co-founder and CEO Elton Rivas has resigned, he announced in an email Monday. His resignation follows six employees’ being laid off last year.

In his email, Rivas thanked his supporters, saying it’s been an honor to lead the journey.

At the same time, One Spark Board Chairman Peter Rummell announced Monday the festival will continue operating under a newly formed corporation called One Spark Ventures.

Big changes are planned for the 2016 One Spark crowdfunding festival. Organizers say the event will return to its roots by scaling back the number of days, adopting a tighter physical footprint in the city's urban core, and featuring less creators than previous years. We look at the future of One Spark with founder Elton Rivas and board chair Peter Rummell.

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 Note: This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at MOCA Jacksonville the night of April 8, 2015.

  As crowds descend on downtown for the first official day of voting for One Spark 2015, the crowdfunding festival's founders Elton Rivas, Dennis Eusebio and Varick Rosete join us to discuss how it started and what is new this year.

We also learn about some of the film projects currently being screened at the MOCA Jacksonville theater from filmmakers Michael Glinski, Derek Boyd Hankerson, Keagan Anfuso, Drew Brown, and Kim Murray.

One Spark

One Spark co-founder and CEO Elton Rivas joins us to discuss what's new for the upcoming 2015 crowdfunding festival.

We also speak with Jacksonville real estate appraiser Ron Moody of Moody Appraisal Group about the rebounding housing market in Northeast Florida.

And local author Ron Whittington joins us to preview this week's Amelia Island Book Festival. Whittington will give a workshop about writing, publishing and marketing independent novels at the festival.

One Spark Team Brings Back Lessons From Berlin

Sep 15, 2014
One Spark

The creators of One Spark are headed back to Jacksonville after wrapping up a successful event in Berlin. 

One Spark START: Berlin, the very first international crowdfunding  festival, was Saturday, Sept. 13. Fifty participating creators presented their ideas to compete for votes and funding. Winners walked away with shares of the 10,000 euros crowdfund. 

One Spark

An independent study released this week shows a significant gap in the funds distributed by One Spark during their 2014 festival and the amounts creators said they needed to get their projects off the ground.

One Spark

The One Spark festival, which began in 2013 in Jacksonville, will expand to Berlin, Germany in the fall of this year organizers announced Thursday night.

Will Dickey / The Florida Times-Union

People involved in downtown’s startup economy often talk about building an ecosystem.

Kevin Meerschaert / WJCT

The growing list of young entrepreneurs calling Jacksonville home is garnering national attention.  

One Spark

In its second year, the One Spark festival has more than tripled the amount of private investment funding available for creators.

Karen Feagins

The leaders of Jacksonville’s One Spark Festival are not only growing the event here in town, they want to make One Spark a global brand by replicating the idea in other cities internationally.

Creator Series: One Spark How-To Guide

Apr 17, 2013
Rebecca Farmer

Elton Rivas is the co-creator of the One Spark Festival. Last week I sat down with him and learned “how to One Spark.” Rivas told me he was excited about how this will transform Jacksonville.

“I think honestly we are most excited about the things we don’t know [are] going to happen," says Rivas. "We have heard some rumblings of some really cool stuff to put on during One Spark. We are just really excited to see this come to life and see what our community can be.”