Endangered species

ORLANDO, Fla. — The manatee was too weak to swim.

She lay still in a medical pool at a SeaWorld rehabilitation center, only lifting her whiskered snout every so often to breathe. Her snout rested upon a pipe to make the effort easier. Her body was slender, hardly that of the chunky manatee—a relative of elephants—that she should have been. Her underbelly was concave. The manatee was near death from starvation.

Otter pups
John Reed / Jacksonville Zoo

Three giant otter pups have made their debut at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. 

A red cockaded woodpecker.
North Florida Land Trust

The North Florida Land Trust says an endangered woodpecker recently found at Camp Blanding in Clay County proves that a big preservation project is working.

Jacksonville Zoo Welcomes Bonobo Baby

Aug 10, 2016
Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is welcoming Budir, its newest member of the endangered bonobo family.

The great ape infant was born Saturday to Kuni, who has now successfully birthed five offspring.