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U.S. Senator Bill Nelson says he’ll fight any plans to drill for oil and gas off Florida’s Atlantic Coast.


City lawmakers have begun to publicly debate whether the city’s six-cent gas tax should be extended for another 20 years.

As oil production goes, Florida isn't much of a player. The state produced less than 2 million barrels last year, which is how much oil Texas pumps from its wells each day.

That's about to change as the revolution in oil drilling technology comes to Florida.

Jacksonville's strategic location on the nation's coast could be a major draw to several sectors, from energy to shipping.

The Mathews Bridge, food trucks, and public funding for sports stadiums are in the headlines today.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority wants to build the first public compressed natural gas station in Northeast Florida.

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In a departure from past responses to violations of the Clean Water Act, Congress is looking to disperse fines from BP in a way that will benefit the economies most affected by the spill.

Keuka Energy

Could a First Coast-based energy firm have the answer to global climate change?

How To Solve A Sky-High Commuting Conundrum

Oct 25, 2013

This story is part of a series on commuting in America.

Imagine a hospital on top of a mountain. How would doctors and patients get in and out? In Portland, Ore., commuters don't have to drive up a twisty, two-lane road to get there. Instead, they glide up 500 feet in the air in a gleaming silver gondola.

Portland's aerial tram connects the south waterfront down near the river to the Oregon Health and Science University on top of Marquam Hill.

For nurse Sara Hone, it has changed her commute. "I love it. I can't imagine a time without it," she says.

Vehicle Expo At UNF Rolls Out Alternative Fuel Options

Oct 24, 2013
Florida Alternative Fuel Vehicle Expo

The Florida Alternative Fuel Vehicle Expo will be at the University North Florida on October 31 to showcase a line of green technologies as part of North Florida Transportation Planning Organization's involvement in the Clean Cities Coalition. Wanda Forrest, transportation planning manager for North Florida TPO, said the expo will feature vehicles that are powered with propane, electricity and natural gas rather than petroleum. "It will be a wonderful opportunity for people to come and get educated on different fuel alternatives," Forrest said. Also attending the event will be several exper

Jacksonville Electric Authority

The head spokesman for Jacksonville’s municipal power authority says that there is room to improve how residents and the city itself use and conserve energy.

“I see room for it, but no I don’t see a lot of that here,” said Bud Para, chief public affairs officer for JEA, referring to the types of comprehensive energy efficiency programs being implemented in cities like Austin, New York City, and Seattle.

Kate Ter Haar / Flickr

City officials are refuting some findings of a recently released study of cities across the nation that placed Jacksonville in last place for energy efficiency measures.

The American Council for An Energy-Efficient Economy’s “2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard” ranks 34 of the nation’s most populated cities on local policies and programs promoting energy efficiency.

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Mathews Bridge construction to continue: The State Department of Transportation says construction on the Mathews Bridge will continue until at least the start of 2014.