Environmental Protection Board

Jacksonville City Hall
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The city of Jacksonville is considering hiring an Australian-based company to conduct a study that would help pinpoint the source of the foul odors that have been plaguing Murray Hill and neighboring communities.

Downtown Jacksonville
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The number of pollution violations issued in Jacksonville has significantly declined since coronavirus brought everything to a screeching halt in March. But it’s not clear whether there’s actually less pollution or it’s just because routine inspections have been put on hold during the pandemic.

Jacksonville's Environmental Quality Division Chief Melissa Long explains the Microbe-Lift study at a testing pond in San Marco.
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Jacksonville is launching a study to see just how effective a bacteria-based technology is at removing nitrogen from water bodies, a leading driver of harmful algal blooms.

boat near Met Park
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Cleanup is continuing in the St. Johns River after a fuel spill was reported Tuesday evening.

A double-decker river cruiser has spilled up to 150 gallons of diesel fuel near downtown Jacksonville.

The city of Jacksonville is hosting an environmental symposium next month focused on sustainability for the First Coast.

City of Jacksonville

The Jacksonville City Council Rules Committee wants to know if Environmental Quality Chief Vince Seibold was let go because he publicly expressed concerns about reorganization plans involving his department.

Seibold told the Environmental Protection Board, or EPB, about potential problems with moving environmental control under Public Works.

The administration says Seibold was let go because he had requested a member of the General Counsel's office to prepare a document for the EPB without the consent or acknowledgment of her superior, Cindy Laquidara.