Episcopal Children's Services

Kids in a classroom, alongside a teacher, with many tables where the kids are doing arts and crafts.
Via Early Learning Coalition of North Florida

The Early Learning Coalition of North Florida is helping families connect with child-care facilities in their local area with a Child Care Resource and Referral Hotline. 

Wednesday  on First Coast Connect we spoke with retirement planner Adam Wolf about the recent volatility in the stock market and how it could affect your retirement portfolio (01:13).

Local attorney and former Secret Service agent Michael Stanski talked about the importance of the Nunes memo in Washington (11:11).

Executive Director of Episcopal Children Services Connie Stophel and Board president Derrick Smith told us about their upcoming Children’s Champion Awards, and political consultant Obi Umunna told us about raising funds to bring  students in Jacksonville to see the movie Black Panther (46:00).     

The legislative battle over charter schools kicked into high gear Wednesday, as measures dealing with educational choice advanced in the House and the League of Women Voters hammered a constitutional amendment that could increase the number of charters in Florida.

It's good news for Head Start programs on the First Coast. Thanks to a $10 million donation from billionaire philanthropists in Texas, programs servicing low-income children will stay afloat.

Episcopal Children’s Services supervises nearly 600 children in Early Head Start and Head Start programs in five Northeast Florida counties.

Due to the government shutdown, those programs were slated to close at the end of the week.

Now those centers will be funded through the end of October, thanks to the generosity of John and Laura Arnold of Houston.