Feeding Northeast Florida

Vice President Harris visited Feeding Northeast Florida
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Vice President Kamala Harris visited Jacksonville Monday as part of a national tour touting the achievements of the recently passed American Rescue Plan.  

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Publix and Feeding Northeast Florida are rolling out a six-week program to help keep people fed going into the new year.

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 310,000 to 315,000 people are dealing with food insecurity in Northeast Florida. 

A man at Feeding Northeast Florida unloads a truck filled with food from Walt Disney World.
Feeding Northeast Florida

As many Jacksonville restaurants cut back hours, lay off workers, or close, some are left wondering where their next meal will come from as they watch their bank accounts shrink. But a new local food bank partnership is helping some cooks stay employed, while feeding those in need.

Faith Matters 1/14/19: Faith And Food

Jan 14, 2019
Produce at farmers market
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Food has always been a necessity for life, and most faith traditions consider food a gift from God.

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The Youth Crisis Center (YCC) and Feeding Northeast Florida are teaming up to combat  obesity in Jacksonville’s children.

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Thursday First Coast Connect featured guest host Charlene Shirk. She was joined by local historian Jim Crooks and attorney Earl Johnson Jr. to talk about the 50th anniversary of Consolidation in Jacksonville (01:38).

2 More Duval Schools Get Food Pantries

Aug 6, 2018

Feeding Northeast Florida will open new food pantries at two Duval County schools to help feed children who would otherwise go without.

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The hunger relief non-profit Feeding Northeast Florida is partnering with the KIPP charter schools in Jacksonville to set up a permanent food pantry on its campus.

Wednesday on First Coast Connect we spoke with Oliver Formato, sales director for Humana Marketpoint, on the deadline for seniors to file for any changes in their Medicare coverage. We also spoke with artist Kedgar Volta and Denise Reagan of Brunet-Garcia about Volta’s display being unveiled during Art Walk bringing awareness of hunger on the First Coast. The Girl Scouts of Gateway Council CEO Mary Anne Jacobs told us about Sunday’s cookie selling kickoff with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and iHeartMedia Regional Event Director Candace Price joined us by phone to talk about Saturday’s inaugural Wine on the River event to benefit Hands on Jacksonville. 

The movie “Sully” hit theaters last week. It’s the story of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 and its pilot Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, also known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.” A passenger on the flight, Donald C. Jones, joined host Melissa Ross on Wednesday to talk about his experience and his thoughts about the film. We also heard from Cuban-American immigrant and author Marisella Veiga, and Feeding Northeast Florida food bank CEO Luke Laylow told us about Hunger Action Month and the services they provide.  

Allie George

Cold Cases

Duval County has more than 1,200 unsolved murders dating back to 1970, but no statewide data is available.

Now advocates from the Jacksonville group Project: Cold Case hope their new online database will help find justice for these many forgotten victims.

The legislative battle over charter schools kicked into high gear Wednesday, as measures dealing with educational choice advanced in the House and the League of Women Voters hammered a constitutional amendment that could increase the number of charters in Florida.

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A regional nonprofit is hoping to raise $1 million to end hunger in Northeast Florida.

Feeding Northeast Florida has a distribution center that helps feed people in 17 counties.

CEO Luke Layow says his organization could feed even more.

“The message that we want to get across is that the food is there. We don’t lack food to distribute. We distributed more than 21 million pounds of food last year; we can distribute 40 million pounds of food. It’s there. We just need the resources to get that done,” he says.

Duval County Public Schools may adopt uniforms for all elementary and middle school students next year. The uniforms would be mandatory for all students in each school, but each school would also be able to pick the color and clothing of the uniforms. We speak with UNF psychology professor and child psychologist Dr. Gabe Ybarra, who recently studied the impacts of uniforms on students' behavior and academic performance.

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We speak with Downtown Investment Authority CEO Aundra Wallace and governing board chairman Oliver Barakat about the group's plans for redeveloping Jacksonville's urban core. The DIA has ambitious plans for both the North and South banks of the St. Johns River, and long term goals that include developing vacant tracts of city-owned land and bringing 10,000 new residents to downtown.

Feeding Northeast Florida

A new hunger-fighting initiative is about to take off.  Food distribution nonprofit Feeding Northeast Florida will kick off its first annual 500-thousand can challenge.

The group is asking members of the community to set up collection boxes at their homes and places of business between November 17 and December 17. Prizes will be awarded to the top-five businesses and individuals who gather the most canned foods.

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A local Thanksgiving tradition that has attracted thousands of Jacksonville families in need over the last four years won’t happen this year, organizers say.

Feeding Northeast Florida

A brand new food bank is open in Jacksonville. Feeding Northeast Florida will deliver millions of pounds of food to hundreds of thousands of hungry and food insecure people across North Florida.

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After three-and a half months without a centralized food distribution center, Feeding Northeast Florida began loading up trucks and sending them out from its new 21,000-square-foot warehouse on Edgewood Avenue on Monday.

Feeding America

There will soon be an important shift in the way emergency food is distributed to the First Coast's hungry and food insecure.

Feeding America, the national network of food banks, will take over a warehouse on the city’s Westside to meet increased food demand in our 17 county area.

In January the national food distribution network ended its contract with Lutheran Social Services, which ran the city’s Second Harvest Food Bank, and is now engaged in putting together a brand new system for getting food out to the hungry and food insecure on the First Coast.